Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Is Russell Brand or David Cameron a Joke?

I am now really quite worried. I have just watched Russell Brand’s latest edition of The Trews (The True News) in which he interviews Ed Miliband for 15 minutes. 
A few minutes before, my 18 year old daughter had been asking if there was a Youtube video she could watch that could help her decide which of the political parties to vote for. With no realisation of the ironic situation I was creating I then, just a couple of minutes later, checked Russell Brand’s site to see if the much awaited interview had been posted. 

It had, just a little while previously. So I got it up on our TV in the kitchen and my wife and I and my daughter watched it. Ed came across as a bit ‘politiciany’ with the usual weird hand gestures that all MPs seem to be afflicted with the moment after they enter Parliament, but other than that, he came across well. 

In fact, he came across very well. He countered all of Brand’s questions about vested interests and managed to clearly position himself as the solution to unfairness and the rich taking advantage of common people - he brilliantly positioned himself as the solution to the problem to which Brand and his followers subscribe.

Russell Brand currently has around 1.1 million subscribers. I would expect that the majority are voters in the 18-30 age bracket. People who are interested in politics but who were, up until tonight, disillusioned with all mainstream political parties. These people are the thought leaders of the future and for their generation today. These are the people who, up and down the land, will have spent many months regaling their friends with the insights about injustice that Brand has fed them in his last couple of hundred daily Youtube videos. 

Over time these insights will have built a clear picture of a problem demanding an answer. And tonight, Miliband has positioned himself as the solution.

Tomorrow, Brand plans to interview Caroline Lucas from the Green Party and no doubt will then interview others from other parties. He will continue to build his subscriber base into many millions as a result of the surrounding publicity and became ever more influential and able to define the political agenda.

And what has Dave done?

David Cameron has today managed to get himself on all the mainstream media not announcing that he too will be meeting with Brand, but instead that he thinks Russell Brand is ‘a joke’.

If he had spent an infinite number of hours racking his brains to come up with a way to completely shoot himself in the foot then he could not have come up with a better way of doing it. What a plonker. This election’s equivalent to Gordon Browns ‘bigot’ comment in 2010.

But not only has Cameron harmed the Conservatives election chances, he has also blighted future generations of Conservative battles by confirming in the minds of millions that the Conservatives are arrogant, thoughtless and condescending people. 

And it’s not the first time. It wasn’t long ago that he was insulting UKIP supporters - the most likely people to vote tactically for him at a General Election.

This is quite staggering. When will he wake up and realise he needs to do what he failed to do last time and win this election. Not just by repeating the same old nonsensical sound bytes but by sounding and seeming in touch, down-to-earth and comprehending of the realities of life.

Instead he just insults someone who has built a following by being these things..
Cameron needs to go. It’s the end of the line. The posh boy thing is not just a Labour label. It’s a reality. Boris is not the answer - another posh boy - although at least he can tell a joke instead of accusing others of being one. I don't have anything against the posh, just so long as they don't sound like the sort of privelaged, out-of-touch, people that the electorate despise.

Unless Cameron can turn this round fast, the Conservatives are heading for oblivion. And even if they do wind up as the largest party in the House of Commons loyal Conservatives must turn on him after the election and turf him out. 

The staggering lack of awareness and incompetence displayed today, and previously, simply cannot be tolerated any further.

I speak as a Conservative supporter - no joke.


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