Friday, 3 May 2013

Everyone is a Winner! Almost..

I am absolutely delighted with the election results today. Everyone I wanted to win, won but more importantly, almost everyone I wanted to lose, lost.

My previously mentioned Aunt (leader of Lib Dems on Kent County Council) won by a massive margin. She got 55% of the vote versus the split Conservative vote of 20% and UKIP 16% - she was unassailable.

Conversely, but equally happily, all of the Conservative County Councillors in Surrey Heath (my area) won. Even those who the Lib Dems attempted to unseat by not running a candidate in the hope of the votes going to Labour failed. Even the most marginal division, a controversial figure, who I  like enormously, managed to increase his majority! - Well done Pitt!

Fortress Surrey Heath was also unassailed!

Overall the Lib Dems lost out and Labour failed to gain any convincing amount of ground.

But the greatest success was the massive bloody nose that Cameron got. It was a victory for the anti-establishment.

If Dave had invested his election broadcast in a vision of himself on bended knee, begging the county to vote FOR UKIP it would have been less effective than the strategy he did decide on which was to rubbish UKIP and by association, UKIP voters.

This was a monumental error. It turned a potential embarrassment into a rout. I just cannot quite believe that the man running this country was capable of such a moronic misjudgement. I hate to think that my local MP and friend of both Dave and I would have endorsed such a stupid approach.

I wince as I read the line I read above about Dave. I, like so many Conservative members have invested huge expectation, albeit with misgivings, in him. But unfortunately, no - tragically, he just hasn't delivered. He snatched defeat from the jaws of success in 2010 - how could anyone lose that election? And since then, other than for brief moments, has failed to prove himself capable of leadership.

I, like many others, have been prepared to make allowances since 2010 for the impact and realities of coalition. But really the way this election was handled, proves beyond doubt that Dave simply, sadly, is not up to the job.

It's time to finally accept it. I was wrong. Dave, despite my hopes and expectations, just is not the man.

I should have known back in May 2010 when he was reluctant to move out of his west London home to No. 10. What kind of committed PM shirks at that!

Instead I just invested my hopes and expectations in a Conservative leader who I hoped would fulfil those expectations that were embedded way back in the late 1970s..

Margaret Thatcher's recent death and the resulting analysis of her life and achievements jolted me, and thousands of others, who considered ourselves Conservatives into examining this pre-supposition more forensically than we have for many years.

I had to conclude that I am Thatcherite more than Conservative.

And therefore I have to conclude that Cameron must now go if I am ultimately to remain a Conservative.


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