Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thatcher - The Fantasist's Root of All Evil.

I have just been watching Channel 4 news. Some gangly faced cretinous child girl from some economics think-tank has been flashing flirty toothy grins at a bemused John Snow whilst explaining how Margaret Thatcher was responsible for the current financial crisis in response to this report by C4 News.

Apparently when Mrs T initiated the 'Big Bang' in the 1980s - she caused the current collapse. Apparently it is nothing to do with the failed euro project, or the sub-prime lending in the US and elsewhere or the lack of oversight or failed FSA structure implemented by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

What utter bollocks.

If that kind of logic prevailed then we wouldn't blame the lunatic driver who killed the small child as a result of their dangerous driving, we would imprison the road builder, or perhaps the guy who ordered the Tarmac..

What utter stupidity. 

This inane idiot was counterbalanced by Conservative MP Andrea Leadsom who calmly and rationally attempted to illustrate the wrong headedness of this hypothesis.

But frankly I object not just to Channel 4 for running such a fatuous and ridiculous piece. Obviously I blame the moronic think tank girl for her pathetic smirking grins but I also blame Leadsom for dignifying a ridiculous charade by attempting to seriously answer the charge. 

There are rare occasions on which it is only appropriate to pour derision and scorn on someone, and this was one of those occasions. 

And while we are at it, Mrs T was not responsible for the decline of manufacturing, or the closure of coal mines. The unions and a succession of failed governments of both persuasions did that (more mines were closed in the 60s and 70s than in the 80s). It was they who made these industries hideously inefficient and incapable of operating without huge government subsidy. Mrs T simply did the inevitable dirty work that her predecessors were too weak to do. She simply stopped the crippling subsidies, beat back the unions and incentivised growth and liberal markets.

Come on Conservatives. Wake up. Start defending the Conservative record. Lady T is dead and hasn't been able to defend it for many years. It's your job to explain exactly how the Conservative thinking and approach pulled Britain back from the abyss and how it can do it again.

And stop allowing others to distort cause and effect. The positive effects of what the previous Conservative government did were abundantly clear to the rest of the world. It's only the fantasists and the morally corrupt and self-deluding political opposition who can convince the UK electorate otherwise if you stay quiet or fail to argue your case.. nuff sed.


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