Sunday, 13 May 2012

What is David Cameron Up To?

The path of political leadership is a predictable business. In opposition the emerging political leader builds a reputation and has a series of carefully crafted impressions formed about him/her in the eyes and minds of the electorate. A political personality is formed and carefully nurtured...

And then in Government, the Opposition's job is to systematically destroy this reputation - to recast the political leader in a negative light and convey their interpretation of him or her via the media to the electorate. Literally changing minds over time.

Usually, this takes quite some time.

Unfortunately for David Cameron it's taken exactly 2 years.

As every day passes the PM's reputation and stature seem to diminish ever further. A few months back the electorate saw a glimmer of strength and leadership when he famously vetoed in Europe. The polls leapt wildly in response.

But since then things have slid, and carried on sliding.. We watched in dismay as the PM attempted to present himself as a Cornish Pastie buying man of the people. Then, accused of being a posh boy who didn't know the price of milk, Dave tried again to prove his true leadership qualities and working-class pedigree by explaining that he regularly buys pints of milk for less than 50p from Sainsbury's in Chipping Norton! Ballyhoo.


And now it gets worse. Sensing that there is a problem, Dave decides the answer is to do a media event at a factory with the only other political leader in the country who has less credibility than himself. It was an excruciating set piece PR disaster. The gathered 'audience' sitting behind Dave and Nick looked on with studied indifference at everything they said whilst we at home watched in bemused silence as we watched a once promising politician play out this embarrassing charade.

Dave needs to stop all this nonsense right now. Quit all this pointless, debasing pandering, man-up and start leading. And if he really doesn't understand what that involves then make way for someone who does..


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