Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Visionary has Gone

This is the picture on Apple's website this morning.

Steve Jobs was an extraordinary man. He was a revolutionary, and a visionary whose efforts affected millions of people.

I was first involved with Apple in the early 1990s when I joined the UK's largest Apple supplier. When I joined the company Steve Jobs had just been fired. The man he brought in, John Sculley, to run Apple had removed him from the company.

But Steve Job's presence was still felt in the company. The atmosphere of excitement, innovation and limitless possibilities still pervaded. But over the next few years Apple slowly declined and became a corporation.

When Steve Jobs returned, some years later, the company was turned around. Again, this extraordinary innovative genius injected new life into the company - first there was the iMac, then Ipod, the Iphone and then the iPad.

The question now is if Steve Jobs, before he died, worked out how to implant the creative genius in the business in such a way that even greater achievements in the future will be his legacy?

It is testimony to his enormous achievements that it seems unlikely..


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