Wednesday, 10 August 2011

There was Violence in London Last Night...

Michael Gove had a fabulous spat with Harriet Harperson on Newsnight last night - see here:

All good fun. But it illustrated the depth of frustration that must exist in the government currently - Being blamed for cuts that they don't want to make but have to make to avoid spiralling borrowing costs and subsequently huge economic damage. Taking over from Labour after 13 years was always going to be a poisoned chalice.

Michael gave Harriet a real roasting. Many will probably think he went too far. But perhaps he didn't go far enough. Clearly Harman like Ken Livingstone earlier this week was trying to link 'Cuts' with violence not to explore some philosophical point but to attempt to gain political advantage.

Personally I don't think it is wrong for me, or any other member of the public, to make a link between poor governance and these outbreaks of violence and criminality. In my opinion, Harperson is deeply guilty and highly responsible for this. She was at the very centre of the Labour movement of the last 30 years that replaced individual and social responsibility with an overbearing State that stripped many people of any sense or need to take control of their own destiny or rationalise their own behaviour.

But it is entirely wrong for the Labour party to seek political advantage from this because in so doing they legitimise the behaviour and therefore encourage it.

Michael was right to attack Harperson and I hope we see more ruthless attacks on any Labour politicians who attempt the same sort of nonsense. The must be branded and shamed as 'Inciters of Violence' - people whose sense of right and wrong is so lacking that they like the looters just do it for their own gain without thought for the consequences for others.

Miliband played a slightly cleverer game yesterday. He was pictured 'listening'. Nodding his head and listening to people ranting on the streets. He hopes to be seen as thoughtful, calm, balanced.

I hope instead his 'nodding dog' act is portrayed as him being bewildered, unsure of himself and realising he is complicit.

Example quote - 'Perhaps the reason Ed Miliband was so quiet yesterday was that as he watches the stock and financial markets collapse and watches violence erupt on the street, he realises with mounting horror that this is the consequence of the failed policies, philosophy and governance that he played a prominent part in until last year.'

The government need to use most of their resources for running the country but also need to keep some of their focus on fighting the Labour party. And remember that the best form of defence is attack.


Anonymous said...

JUst a thought, re last para. That's exactly the problem, politicians thinking that they 'run the country'. It's trying to do that that has got us into this mess. Funamentally all the Government is for is to collect tax to fund defence and a system of law and order and justice. The rest of it we, the people , can do for ourselves very nicely thank you, especially even up to and including providing our own system of money.

Love, lola.

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