Friday, 27 May 2011

A Triumph for Gove!

This week has been an absolute triumph for Michael Gove. Not simply because he has finally given head teachers the power to get rid of useless teachers, or because he is finally getting credit for the huge numbers of schools moving to academy status.

Nor is it simply because he managed to avoid falling asleep while President I am everyone's best mate O'Bama rambled on about how much he loves the good ole U of K.

Nah. It's mainly because Michael is currently voted as 111th sexiest mp on new website

I can only assume that the reason he hasn't been on telly much lately is he has been busy voting for himself.

George Osborne is currently, as a result of spending too much time worrying about economics n stuff, languishing at no.117. This is bound to cause friction at Cabinet.

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