Sunday, 17 April 2011

Leaving the Party in Style

I stumbled across this rather brilliant blog-post the other day from someone called Jon Wright who has become so disillusioned with the Labour party that he has decided to leave after quite a few years:

Fuck it, this does it. The final straw. I’ve been a Labour member for eight-odd years, I’ve trodden pavements, knocked on doors, phoned people – and all this time I’ve been waiting for the party to start reflecting at least a shift towards the sort of socialist view that I know many members still hold. I’ve carried on deluding myself that maybe, just maybe, things might start looking up – maybe Brown’d be better than Blair, maybe Miliband’d be better than Brown, maybe for once in its pathetically supine post-Blair existence the party might actually stand up for something rather than indulging in politicking over politics – maybe it would start to try once more to shape public opinion rather than just be led helplessly by whatever bollocks most recently came out of the focus-groups, the opinion polls, the sordid mass of the right-wing media. Goodness knows I’ve gritted my teeth for longer than I should have done, and I’m frankly ashamed that I didn’t allow myself to see the futility of this pointless naive optimism before (there have been more than enough opportunities, after all).
But this does it, once and for all – David Cameron gives a fucking despicable speech on race and immigration, and all Labour can do is say that Vince Cable’s voicing of principled opposition makes the government “look chaotic”? Strap on some fucking principles, you spineless bunch of wankers. I’m off. Goodbye, and fuck you very much.  

As rants go, it's a medal winner. Almost anyone who has ever been a member of a political party can understand his frustration - but particularly people who are looking for idealogical solutions to politics. I am not one of them but I can still feel this guy's pain and sympathise.

Still. He is a socialist loony so let's not get too worked-up about it eh!!

Jon's post can be read in it's original form here:


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