Monday, 4 October 2010

Conference Review - George Osborne

I am a huge Osborne fan. Many pundits have, in the past, said that George is not a great speaker and doesn't have the gravitas to deliver at the top level of politics.

I have always thought they were utterly wrong and George proved it again today. He delivered a brilliantly crafted speech, stuffed full of facts and no-nonsense reality.

But it also was visionary. Talking about the Britain of the future 'over the horizon' was superb. He flattened the Labour parties approach to continuing to pile up the debts and damned their failed record.

The master-stroke was the 'no family on benefits should have more money in benefits than the average working family gets'. That will send all the media commentators into a spin and create huge coverage to pave the way for the coming news on welfare.

George has clearly done his numbers. The immediate reaction will be surely that no family on benefits should get more than the lowest paid working family not the average working family. Who could possibly disagree that no-one on benefits should get more than 50% of the nation's working families get... thus making it possible to make some pretty substantial savings I guess.

Superb. George you played a blinder - as usual in my 'umble opinion guv.

Content - 9.5/10
Delivery - 9.7/10


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