Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A Nightmare Scenario?

I imagine David Miliband awoke this morning in a cold sweat. As he drifted into conciousness a nightmare scenario must have floated through his mind.

All his efforts, over many years, to time his ascendency, had failed. Having carefully avoided pitching all his efforts into a risky fight with Gordon he had bided his time and waited for the inevitable opportunity. He then entered the fight as the most credible candidate, with the support of his party and his colleagues behind him... and then that annoying little brother YET AGAIN copied him! and at the last turn... managed to steal it from him.

When he finally awoke and realised that far from being a horrible nightmare, it was reality, it must have been a crushing realisation.

Conversely, David Cameron must have woken to the happy realisation that Labour, rather than picking someone who could win elections and, in the future, keep the Conservatives out of power for a generation, had just elected someone who, unless he goes through a near total personality transformation, may well keep the Conservatives in power for a generation.

And Nick Clegg must have woken feeling energised. The game is back on. The alternative to the Conservative party does not now need to default to Labour. Ed Miliband represents an opportunity for the Liberal Democrats. If Miliband fails, as he almost certainly will, to transform himself from someone who simply does not look like an alternative PM, into someone who does - then a vacancy, and a party opportunity exists.

I almost felt sorry for David Miliband today. He just couldn't disguise his true feelings during his brother's speech. When Ed Miliband started talking about the nick-names that he had been labelled with, the look of utter contempt was intense..

What a nightmare.. or not.


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