Thursday, 10 June 2010

Satisfied Customers?

Blogging has been light lately - mainly because I really don't have much to moan about.

After a disappointing (but predictable) election result David Cameron quickly pulled things together and has managed to deliver a very credible and professional looking government. He looks relaxed and assured and the Conservative team have wasted no time delivering the change they promised. The constant policy announcements give an impression of effectiveness and delivery and energy..

On the face of it, having had to form a government in coalition seems to have been only a minor inconvenience. As soon as David Laws disappeared, this government started to look like the Conservative government that I and all Conservatives really wanted.

Nick Clegg appears sitting at PMQs next to DC looking like a loyal assistant (rather like a male secretary) and occasionally little Danny Alexander pops up in front of a TV camera whilst he is out buying a sandwich or running errands for his boss George Osborne - I imagine George sends him out to buy 'striped paint' for the treasury walls - just for a bit of a laugh.

The Conservatives seem to be so in control now, that I imagine most of the population have now completely forgotten that there used to be a political party called the erm.. Liberalised Demonstrators...or whatever they used to call themselves before they became the Conservative's errand boys.

So perhaps herein lies the peril. Unless the Lib Dems do look like a significant part of the government their left-wing base is going to start agitating badly and they are going to start realising that this tiny bit of power has a huge price - neutralising their 'presence' on the UK political stage.

But congratulations are not just due to the Conservatives. The Labour party have slipped into opposition quickly and effectively and are successfully managing to get a very large proportion of the population to believe that the nasty old Conservatives are just reverting to type and planning to slash spending because they are horrid nasty people who just love cutting things.

David Cameron's weakness tends to be that when things go well he rests on his laurels and doesn't see the threats approaching. The two major emerging threats are:

1) The Liberal Democrats not getting enough stage presence - i.e they need at least one credible individual who sets an agenda and achieves some results - to avoid collapse of the coalition.

2) The Labour Party are convincing too many people that 'the debt' problem is just an excuse that the nasty ole Tories are using to justifying their usual cuts agenda (remember what nasty old Maggie did...).

Good result so far - now address the threats and head em off quick before they start causing major pain.


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