Friday, 7 May 2010

What Will the Books Say?

Yesterday and today were historic days. As I write this, we are finally on the cusp of getting rid of what I suspect will go down as the most disastrous Labour government ever – and possibly the last.

I so clearly recall John Major’s defeat in 1997. He went off to the Cricket while Labour posed and preened themselves in front of the cameras and created an almost convincing atmosphere of renewal, hope and expectation.

But Labour supporter’s and voter’s hopes were dashed. The vision proved to be an illusion. Blair looked the part, walked the walk, sounded the part but couldn’t deliver. It was a high profile ego trip that concealed the beavering efforts of the manic Gordon Brown who hid in the shadows deluding himself and others that he was doing the rights things with our economy – when really his actions were leading to its near destruction and he was playing a major role in unhinging the entire global financial system.

Despite the Conservative’s warning in 2005 ‘Vote Blair get Brown’, Blair won his third term and then, as predicted, and despite his previous commitments promptly handed over to Brown in 2007 who had managed to extend his own delusions of his own capability to his entire political party – who chose to let him take charge without a leadership election.

But he was never going to win a General Election. Even surrounded by the most cunning and clever vote winning team in UK political history his inadequacy came through...

But so convincing and pervasive are many of the illusions that they created for him that today they still persist. 
Yesterday, the overwhelming majority of the electorate had absolutely no idea of the horrific state of our public finances and so many of them voted Labour still in thrall to the idea of Gordon the economic genius.

But as soon as Cameron ‘Seals the Deal’, not with the electorate, but with Nick (oh God I hope he does) I assume one of the very next jobs will be to ‘open the books’ and reveal the true economic picture.

And as the awful truth sinks in, the act of opening the Financial Books will re-write the History books.

Finally we will all know the truth and will all be able to start working on the solution.

But it’s going to seem strange having over 250 Labour MPs in parliament – what will be the point of them?


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