Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What About Michael?

The blogosphere has been alive with speculation about Michael Gove's future.

Here's my guess.

David Cameron values and rewards loyalty and knowing how loyal and honest Michael is, I suspect Cameron will be doing everything he can to get the job for Michael that he wants.

There has been lots of speculation that Michael will become Home Secretary leaving Laws to do Education. But the No2 slot at the Treasury is also free assuming that Vince Cable's position will not be No2 but will be a role involved with the banks and business. It appears that Phillip Hammond (Shadow Treasury No2) has gone to work and pensions.

So. The possible scenario is Laws becomes No2 at the Treasury (I'm not sure George would want Vince looking over his shoulder but Laws would be ok) making it possible for Michael to do the job he is so passionate about..

But I reckon it's down to negotiations with Nick Clegg this morning and there may be other factors involved..


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