Friday, 7 May 2010

A New Perspective - The Clouds Lift.

Disgruntled. Sophie and I went to the Half Moon pub in Windlesham for a drink and a bit of lunch as soon as I had got my thoughts 'off my chest' with my last blog-post.

As we drove to the pub through the village the clouds hung heavily over the village and us. We found the Surrey Heath Conservative HQ team in the pub looking similarly miffed. It was a low point.

We mulled over the result, aware that as the clock ticked towards 2.30 we were going to miss David Cameron's scheduled statement regarding the outcome of the election.

Helga, the Half Moon's landlady, unexpectedly and very kindly invited Sophie and I to come into her private living room and watch Cameron's statement - we felt very honoured! Having spent so many hours on one side of the bar it was a strange experience being on the other side of it - a new and strangely refreshing perspective.

We sat with Helga by a large window in a slightly gloomy room and watched without great expectation...

And then Cameron appeared looking strong, refreshed and Prime Ministerial and laid out the situation and... put deal on the table for the Lib Dems - a deal they can accept and deal that, with a bit of negotiation, can be done..

It was a very welcome surprise and as it dawned on me that the only positive way forward that I could see was also being outlined by David Cameron, my mood lifted.

Fittingly at this moment, sunlight flooded into the room - as the sun finally came out.

From the bar the distant sound of D'ream's inappropriately named 'Things can only get better' track wafted in the air. Then a distant shout and it abruptly stopped.

Silence. And the sunlight kept filtering through the clouds.

P.S. Ok I admit it - the D'ream thing was a bit of poetic license. But the sunshine is for real.


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