Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A Little History Lesson

Exactly 70 years ago our forces were in full battle with the enemy (in France and the low Countries as it happens).

The enemy strategy consisted of two major operations:

Fall Gelb (Translation: Case Yellow)
: An operation to cut off our forces

Fall Rot (Translation: Case Red):
A broader and wider outflanking operation against us.

The result could easily have been the wholesale destruction of our forces. But despite the onslaught from the enemy the majority of our forces fought a fighting retreat and were evacuated in the famous operation Dynamo (at Dunkirk).

It was a situation in which we desperately wanted victory but took the judgement that defeat of the enemy was unlikely and if we staked everything on this battle then our forces, and our future war making capacity, might be completely wiped out. So we retreated..

But let's not confuse past history with now. We cannot retreat now from this onslaught.

Our forces have to stand and fight from where they are. We need victory now. Not a nation starving for 4-5 years with the frail hope of a future victory.

Its time to make history, not read it.

But there is one parallel worth noting. The retreat from Dunkirk was only possible by galvanising the forces of the public. The 'little ships' operation in which our political leaders rallied the people to come out was a decisive factor.

This could be the key again. If our Conservative political leaders can galvanise the efforts of the public to demonstrate against another illegitimate Labour government - the whole thing could swing back in their favour.

But. Like Dunkirk, time is of the essence.


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