Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Is the Right Right or is the Right Wrong?

I have been scanning the Conservative blogs today to see the reactions to the newly formed Conservative / Liberal Democrat Government.

There is a bit of a Marmite factor developing out there. Some Conservatives love it and others hate it. One of my local Conservative Councillors absolutely hates it! - see here.

Those who are looking at it negatively are being grouped as being 'on the right' and those who look at it positively are being defined as being 'on the left'.

So does that mean because I am looking at it positively that I am on the left?

Nah. I can't define my views in that simplistic way.

I just think it is the only practical answer and if you can't apply yourself positively to something new and largely unknown then there's not much point in moaning and being destructive. It's not like anyone knows for sure if this government will work or not - but we all know it must if this country is to succeed in the short-mid term.

Its also worth remembering that whilst we have adversarial politics in the UK, it is only a device for scrutiny and competition. Politics gets too tribal when it reaches the point of hatred. It becomes dogmatic and thoughtless. Good politics happens when ideas are shared and the creative sparks fly.. that's when the best solutions are sought and found.

There's a chance that this new and highly experimental form of government could just create a new kind of approach to politics that the electorate have been yearning for, for years and years..

We are going to have competition not just in the political forum but also in the governmental forum - in other words, I hope, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats with a wealth of different ideas, viewpoints and perspectives are going to be competing in government to deliver the very best performance.

So lets all give it a chance of flying.


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