Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Final Cut

This afternoon I nipped into the local hairdressers for a quick haircut.

I was the only customer there and so I fell into uninterrupted conversation with the three girls working there about tomorrow's General Election.

I asked one of them how she would be voting. She confidently responded with 'Conservative'. I asked her why and she said "Dunno really. I suppose it's a Conservative area isn't it? and that David Cameron - he seems quite nice".

As we talked about politics and various issues the girls started asking me questions about various things. One of them called Skye asked me:

"You know this debt thing they keep going on about. What's that all about then?"

"Well there are 2 issues. The first is that the Labour government have run up a massive debt - bigger than we have ever had. And the second is that they are spending way more every year than they get in tax - so the debt just keeps getting bigger and bigger."

"So how much more are they spending", Skye asked.

"About £500 Million" I said.

"500 Million Pounds!!!!", Skye exclaimed - completely shocked at my answer.

"Yes", I said, "They are overspending by about £500 million per day".

"Per DAY!!!" Skye screamed. "Right that's it then. I am definitely voting Conservative tomorrow!!".

And that just about sums it up for me. Tomorrow we have a General Election. It's the most important election for a generation and we have a solid Conservative team who could form a strong and highly capable government.

But the electorate really don't understand the problem - which is why they are not predisposed, in anything like the numbers needed for a decent working majority, to vote for the only viable solution...

It's a complete travesty and a tragedy.


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