Friday, 30 April 2010

Should Cameron Seal the Deal..with Clegg?

In the final Leaders Debate last night, Nick Clegg said that regardless of the result of the election he proposed that all the three main parties get together afterwards and form a 'Council of Economic Stability'.

My immediate reaction was to laugh. What on earth would be the point of involving Gordon Brown in such a thing? Why on earth would anyone want the individual who destroyed the economy to pontificate about how to ensure it's stability!

But thinking about it I can see why Clegg proposes it. He knows from his own polling and focus groups that people don't see him as a potential PM, but a lot of people do want him to have a part in the future.

So perhaps David Cameron should agree - well sort of:

Perhaps he should say that if the Conservatives win an outright majority, they will involve the main opposition party (only the main opposition) in discussing economic policy - for the following reason.

1) Those people who want to give the Lib Dems some credit but don't think Clegg should be leader are more likely to vote Conservative knowing that he will have some kind of role.

2) Potential new voters or non-voters who want to register a protest and vote Lib Dem are less likely to vote for them (or probably anyone) if they think Clegg will get a role anyway.

3) DC can rightly point out that allowing the opposition to have access to economic data in the future would prevent the problem we have now - i.e. that whilst everyone knows that big spending cuts will be needed in the future, neither the Lib Dems or the Conservatives can tell us exactly how much and where because the Labour Government are keeping all the figures secret and are refusing to tell the political parties or the electorate. So it's a positive move towards honest and open government.

Probably worth some consideration.


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