Friday, 30 April 2010

RE: A contract between the Conservative Party and Robin Horsley

Just received an email from David Cameron offering me a contract with the Conservative Party!

See here.

I guess Dave is trying to 'Seal the Deal' so I have written back to explain my terms:


Happy to enter into this contract with you but you must understand that unless you give me the full detail of the spending cuts and/or tax rises that you plan after the election then I can’t vote for you or ‘contract’ with you.

In other words, no terms of business, no contract.

Simple really isn’t it. Unless you really prove that you mean what you say below – e.g. that you really understand the feeling that politicians have become too remote from the people and are prepared to start being honest now then I, and probably many thousands like me, are not going to give you the mandate you want.

I remind you, your colleague George Osborne told us a few months ago that this election would be about a choice between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’. Instead it is a choice between lies and deceit. When everyone knows that the national debt is horrific you have to make a choice between continuing to hold back on telling it like it is and giving everyone a solution to vote for.

As George Bush might have put it - I hope you have the cojones to do it. Because unless you do, then not enough people will vote for you and the best you could possibly hope for is a small majority and a mandate to do what you have pledged – i.e. nothing. The reality is you will probably just spend all your time arguing about the ‘balance’ in a hung parliament.

So, grab the moment David and prove you are a leader and make us an offer we can’t refuse.

Kind Regards.



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