Thursday, 15 April 2010

From the Mouth of a Babe - The Conclusion from the Debate

I have just watched the 1st Leader's Debate with Dani my 13 year old daughter.

She watched the whole thing but did get a bit bored during the economy section.

Here is her verdict:

Gordon Brown - Acting. Tried to make jokes to make himself popular but not funny. Looked weird trying to agree with Clegg.

Nick Clegg - Young and kind of new to it. Good ideas. Enthusiastic. Good Sense of Humour. Didn't hesitate when answering. Some ideas a bit outrageous and not practical.

David Cameron - Communicated to the audience, good ideas and described them well. Practical ideas. But copied with Nick Clegg did when trying to see who questioner was - bit pathetic.

Dani had an interesting reaction to the ties. She described Cleggs as 'Gold' (good point - not yellow!), DC's as strong colour and GB's as weak pinky colour!

Her final verdict out of 10:

David Cameron - 8.5
Nick Clegg - 8.5
Gordon Brown - 2!

So, being on the fence if you had to decide on who should be the next PM??

The answer?

Nick Clegg.



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