Thursday, 8 April 2010

Death to the Recovery or to the Campaign?

The Labour Party and the Conservative Party are still going on about the NI tax increase.

The Labour party now tell us that unless the tax increase does go ahead the recovery will be in jeopardy.

The Conservative party tell us that if it does go ahead then (and I quote Theresa May's exact words), 'it will kill the recovery'.

A few questions.

1) What recovery?

2) What kind of massive impact is £6 billion (the cost of the NI increase) going to make to on an economy that is overspending by £6 billion every week and a half anyway? (i.e. £160billion per year)

3) Does this now mean that the Conservatives, having ridiculed the Labour party for having no plans to reduce the deficit, cannot come out with any spending reduction plans? If they announce anything more than £6 billion they will presumably have to admit to planning to kill the recovery?

It was all going rather nicely until the Conservatives starting responding to the mad accusation of the Labour party that cancelling the NI increase would destroy the recovery in the way that they did.

Why did the Conservatives decide to agree with the Labour party that there is a recovery???

Who in the real world thinks there is a recovery underway? No-one outside the Westminster village (well almost no-one. No-one sane anyway).

And why did they then say that keeping the NI increase would kill it? This implies that any 'Change' would wreak havoc on the economy - it' sooo fragile.


The Conservatives had won the point and as any decent sales-person knows; when you have closed the deal..

You Shut Up.


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