Thursday, 22 April 2010

The 2nd Debate

David Cameron did the business. He looked credible, he delivered the detail and neutralised Clegg by turning the tables at crucial moments.

But his success was probably a story shared with Gordon's failure. Gordy made a mess of it. He did look desperate at certain points and he notably wandered into some really bizarre commitments:

1) The Death Sentence for Cheating MPs - Apparently according to Gordy 'no sentence is too great' for MPs who cheat the system. Really bizarre!

2) No 2nd Jobs for MPs - Apparently no Labour MPs can have second jobs now! - a big commitment.

Increasingly it now looks like a 2 horse race. I now think it is realistic that Cameron may be able to hold Clegg to a peak of 38-40 as his maximum polling figure before the election.

A good performance from DC and from Clegg - It's all to play for in the final furlong..


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