Friday, 26 March 2010

The Times They are a Charging

So, the Times is going to charge £1 a day for access. People will be looking for other ways to read the columnists that they enjoy.

I have just written the following email to Matthew Parris:


We met when you spoke at a Dinner in Surrey Heath a couple of years ago and I greatly enjoy your articles.

But. I am not interested in paying £1 a day for the Times but would be perfectly happy to pay you direct to read your column so I am just wondering if you can offer this as a service? Or if you are tied to the Times as your only outlet for your work?

E.G. I would be happy to pay £5 per year to read your column and I would guess at least 20,000 others would be prepared to also – so that would give you £100k income just from this one source and with costs that would amount to no more than sending email – I use a very good mass-email software for communicating with my clients that cost me approx £60.

Please do let me know.

Kind Regards,


UPDATE: Unfortunately, the email sent to his Times email address bounced back! Anyone got an email address for him? or want to forward my message?


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