Monday, 29 March 2010

George v Vince v Alastair

I am watching the Channel 4 debate between George Osborne, Vince Cable and Alastair Darling.

Vince is winning. He sounds the most credible. So no change there then.

George faced a potentially difficult situation this evening, having announced a new spending commitment, having previously been positioned advocating cuts - confusing.

But. He came through it.. He didn't sparkle but he sounded solid and perhaps that was the biggest achievement of the night.

One important observation:

The instant clapping when Vince mentioned Tories with their noses in the trough illustrated again this deep seated belief that exists in the electorate, that the Conservatives are basically out for themselves and their 'rich' mates. This impression must change throughout the course of this campaign if a convincing win is to be achieved.

But. Did George look like a convincing Chancellor tonight?

Yes. YES.

And that is a win. He did what was necessary to banish many of the concerns that he simply doesn't have the experience, age or gravitas to do the job......phew.

Nice one George. Next time you can tear Alastair to bits and make Vince look like a buffoon. But for now I will take the win as it is.


ratbag said...

The problem is that the news programmes are now only showing the bad bits.

Robin Horsley said...

Fair point.

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