Tuesday, 23 February 2010

No More Big Brother. Now it's Time for...

The final episode of Tower Block of Commons screened last night on Channel 4. The series was an absolute triumph for the Conservatives but also for politics in general.

Mark Oaten (outgoing LibDem MP) did a good job of trying to organise local people and get them involved with influencing their own destiny, but Austin Mitchell (Labour) did let the side down a bit by not participating fully.

Tim Loughton (Conservative) came across as a solid, steady, honest guy whose easy manner won him lots of friends. His simple act of organising a football match for local kids opened their eyes to the idea of community activity and cohesion.

But, for me not unexpectedly, Nadine Dorries was the star of the show. She organised a barbecue for local people and attendees at a local mosque to bring them together and she made a huge inspirational impact on a group of young lads she moved in with. She really challenged and inspired one young guy who felt he had lost his life to drugs, video-games and apathy and gave him a glimpse of a different destiny. She even introduced him to David Cameron.

I sent Nadine an email last night congratulating her and suggesting that if the entire shadow cabinet did a similar thing then it would turn the whole political scene on it's head. Since then I have been working on the concept..

As soon as a General Election date is announced, the entire shadow cabinet dressed in jeans and t-shirts would jump on the 'Battle Bus'. (Dave would drive of course) with the media in hot pursuit. Dave would head off for the most deprived housing estates in the country, decant his team and they would all get immersed in the lives of the people for a day or two, really getting to grip with their challenges and woes - really feeling their pain.

Then off to the next location for more of the same, each time understanding the issues that people really face across the nation. No need to visit bankers, or large businesses but instead get to grips with real people in their own environments. A low-tech camera person would follow of each of the team recording every moment and delivering it straight to YouTube for real reality TV.

The media would be confused and bemused but would cover the highlights and drive people to the full Reality TV experience on YouTube. The stage managed events orchestrated by the other parties would look baseless and contrived and sad by comparison.

The result would be a massive landslide victory for the Conservatives, a total change in perception of what politics and politicians should really be about and a mandate to really sort out the problems of this nation.

And I almost forgot. Nadine would again have a starring role:

Because, the experience would be emotional. Like Mark Oaten found in the episode last night, there will be tears. Getting to grips with the real depth of problems that some people suffer will inevitably bring some MPs to their own threshold of despair.

But no matter. Because Nadine will be there dispensing cups of tea, timely advice and lovely warm hugs when needed. She will take up her rightful place as the pulsating heart of the Conservative party.

And the name for this breakthrough TV extravaganza. Its obvious. It's a natural evolution.

Big Brother is over so now it's time for..

Big Mother!

(You know what. Joking aside - I reckon it really would work).


Anonymous said...

"And I almost forgot. Nadine would again have a staring role"

Who or what was Nadine Staring at?

Does this result not sort of vindicate Cameron's "Hug-a-Hoody" comment? Give them some time, show interested and you may, just, turn one or two into worthwhile citizens.

Robin Horsley said...

titus-aduzas. Thanks for the correction - done! I agree it does to an extent. But I also it exposes bland politicians for what they are - normal people trying, almost always, to do their best.

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