Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Launch of the Great British Gullibility Test

Today see's the launch of The Great British Gullibility Test (The GB-GT)

Our fabulous leader Gordy Broontroosers has decided to test the stupidity and gullibility of the British people with this cunning little test.

It's very simple - it's a multi-choice. He is asking the people of this country one question:

Do you think the Labour Government wants to change the electoral system because:

  • A) They want to clean up dirty stinky British Politics for our benefit?

  • B) They don't think they are going to win a majority at the next General Election but want to retain power in another way?

The have enlisted the help of the GBC (sorry the BBC) to help with this. For a bit of a wheeze the BBC have been approaching this question by asking people if they want a fairer democracy (oooh yes please) and then asking them if they think the electoral system should change (oooh yes I suppose it should) - you know just to push them in Gordy's direction a bit with a leading question. They tried it earlier on the Daily Politics - but it soon fell to bits.

So, it remains to be seen people. How stupid and gullible are you?

Just in case you are incredibly stupid and gullible, this post is an exercise in sarcasm and is proposing a way to deal (by ridiculing it's motive) with the ludicrous proposition that Gordy is, with the help of the Beeb, trying to foist on us.. There isn't actually a Great British Gullibility Test ok.. the answer is B. YES B ok!!

Oh Gordy. What a git.


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