Monday, 4 January 2010

Will Gove have the Balls?

Ed Balls has got all over-excited by the prospect of the 'Leader Debates' before the next election and 'announced' in an article in the Guardian that he wants to have a go as well.

He said:

'This week I will ask my opposite numbers to agree dates, and will propose that we invite parents, teachers, governors and pupils – the people who will be affected directly by the election choice – to ask the questions'

Pathetic really. He is making a show of calling Michael out.


He knows that Gove always knocks lumps out of him, points out his appaling record and, with his far greater mental agility would wind up making him look stupid. Again.

So why?

I guess it is a cynical calculation that Michael will have to refuse to avoid detracting important focus from the main leader debates and he hopes that he will make Michael look weak in some way by refusing..

Its the political equivalent of a weak and seedy looking member of a gang, standing behind some of his tough looking mates and shouting insults at someone who, if he ever thought he would have to take them on, he would never have the guts to touch.

So should Gove have Balls?

No. It would detract from the main event. I can see exactly why Balls and other Labourites would like to dilute the main event by having lots of side shows - because they are very afraid that Gordon is going to make a disastrous mess of the whole thing. They may well be right.

So Michael should spend his time 'coaching' David Cameron not engaging in side-shows.

But should the cheeky little scamp Balls get away with his jeering?

No. But as Michael may not be aware there is a time-honoured and traditional way of dealing with this sort of behaviour that is (or at least used to be) regularly practised in Comprehensive schools across this great nation.

I suggest Michael and a couple of other Conservative likely lads in the H of C grab hold of Balls one afternoon, bundle him into the loos and administer a bit of a justice.

Bogwash him. That'll teach 'im.


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