Thursday, 21 January 2010

Questiontime - It's a Good Thing Andrew Roberts is There!

Watching Questiontime. Caroline Spelman is fumbling all over the place with Conservative policy. She has managed to let the policy to change the tax system in favour of marriage to be presented as being a prejudice ridden tax give-away that hurts the poor...

What is she doing? Why has she gone on QT without being properly prepared to defend policy and without sound, studied, rehearsed arguments to undermine the predictable attacks on Conservative policy? It's not like this is new policy - why does she not seem to know how to sell it?

At least Andrew Roberts is there to present the case.. The Conservative Party really cannot be putting Shadow Cabinet people up without them being properly prepared.

Let's hope things improve as it continues.


Well it didn't improve much. Caroline Spelman made a real mess of it. She never caught the public-mood or managed to lead it or change it in her favour.

A few months out from a General Election Conservative front-benchers need to be putting in clinically effective performances - not fumbling around on the biggest political TV programme in the country. With the polls in 20 seat majority / risk of a hung parliament territory this kind of poor performance is not acceptable.


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