Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Reducing the Deficit! - Move over Darling..

The Pre-Budget Report..

Well if that wasn't a total admission of failure then I don't know what is!

Again Darling got his figures completely wrong. He has now admitted that Labour's policies mean that he thinks the economy will shrink by another huge 4.75% this year. Which, going on previous performance, means it will probably be even more!

In fact the only positive measures were the usual raft of 'half-inched' Conservative policies. The public-sector pay freeze was just one of them.

But the thing that really winds me up with this whole economic issue is the completely misleading language used about 'reducing the deficit'.

Darling and Gordy Broontroosers claim that they will be halving the Deficit in 4 years time...

Nonsense. This year they are spending another £175,000,000,000 more than they are getting in tax. Far from planning to cut the accumulated deficit by 50% as they claim, in absolute fact, they are planning to similarly over-spend every year for the next 4 years and will still be borrowing an additional £85Billion to add to the astronomical total in 4 years time!

When the BBC and other news outlets allow them to get away with lying by saying 'So what about your deficit reduction plans' they are complicit in this lie. They have absolutely no plan whatsoever. No stimulus plan for business. No vision for re-engineering the economy. Nothing but a lot of half baked nonsense about cutting waste - as if this Liebour government could ever achieve any cuts in waste! - they chuck money mindlessly at everything they can.£500million on Tamiflu which apparently, according to C4 News yesterday, actually doesn't work.

So the truth is Labour have no plans for cutting the deficit at all. It's a lie. They do however have a plan to keep on spending money they don't have for at least another 4 years.

To put it another way. They are saying to the British people:

'If you don't think we have already destoyed the economy then vote for us at the General Election because we have a plan to completely decimate it in the next 4 years.'

Remember Blair saying 'We are the Changemakers'. Bollocks.

'We are the Wastemakers.' would have been accurate. 'And give us long enough and we can turn this country into a complete economic wasteland'.

Good to see George Osborne tearing into Darling. Go George. Get in there. You are at your absolute best when you are centre-stage smashing lumps out of Labour.


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