Monday, 7 December 2009

Deja View?

Lets play guess the year!

Here's the scenario:

The Labour govt has nearly destroyed the economy, we are mired in debt and the social fabric of our country is in a state of collapse.

At what is hopefully the end of another failed Labour government, the country appears to be on the verge of total bankruptcy - we desperately need a windfall to stop us from falling into the abyss.. and then we strike oil! We are saved from total destruction!!!

1979 and North Sea Oil?

Good guess. But actually it's 2009 and Falklands Oil!

Apparently a new oil discovery in the Falklands could yield 60 Billion Barrels of Oil!!! (For people who can visual better in pints that's 17,280,000,000,000 pints - or a blummin good night out with a few mates). The largest field in the North Sea was a mere 5 billion (a wet Saturday night at home in front of X factor)

So if reports at WalesOnline are to be believed then once again we are saved!!

One of the oil companies with exploration rights known as 'Desire' was founded by a guy called Colin Phipps who advised Margaret Thatcher prior to the Falklands War. Sadly he has died now but a friends of his recalls:

“He was for many years on the board of the Falklands Islands Basin Trust and I remember him telling me he was in the War Room with Mrs Thatcher giving his expert advice when it was decided to go to war against Argentina in 1982.”

So lets get this right.. Not only did Lady T put our country back together after it's near destruction by Labour but she also potentially left us with the opportunity to pluck this country from the jaws of another Labour death 30 years later...

Gotta love 'er aintcha!


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