Sunday, 20 December 2009

ALERT! Johnson - Leader in Waiting?

A few months ago one of the rumours on one of the Labour blogs was that Alan Johnson had taken the job of Home Secretary but was waiting in the wings ready to take on the leadership if Gordon failed to turn things around by Christmas.

Well, we are a few days from Christmas and the polls, having been stuck on a 10 point lead now seem to be turning slowly in favour of the Conservatives following the Pre-Budget report.

So I wasn't surprised to see Alan Johnson being given a soft ride on Andrew Marr's breakfast TV show this morning.

I got the distinct impression that Johnson was being given an easy ride with soft questions. And, when he was asked to answer one particular question the device of the 'slow zoom in' was employed to give Johnson's pronouncements gravity - it's a simple device that imperceptibly draws the viewer into listening closely to what the subject is saying whilst at the same time lending them an impression of gravitas. Nice of the BBC to do that for him..

I reckon something's up here. The question of leadership was floated and Johnson did not take the opportunity to say he was not interested..

Hmm... This is bad news. And it's really consistent with the 'Class' attack strategy. Johnson has a lot of credibility, he speaks plainly and makes a connection with the public. Plus he is plainly not a member of the privileged elite as an ex-postie.

The formidable Nadine Dorries opined a couple of months that she thinks that Gordy Broontroosers is not a man who would go into an election that he knew he was going to lose.

If she was right, then the only question now is who takes over from him.

I wonder if Gordy's last opportunity to decide if he is going to lead the Labour party into the General Election was at Xmas?

I get the feeling that Johnson was being pre-sold this morning.

He represents a very big threat to the chances of a Conservative Govt. I wonder what he is worth to the Labour party at a GE? 5 points maybe - hung parliament, change the electoral system, consign the country to a Leftie Liberal alliance for the foreseeable worth?

What happened to Gary McKinnon? - the guy who Johnson condemned to death in an American jail? - You know what I mean.


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