Thursday, 12 November 2009

It Was the Sun Wot Dun It

I am watching Questiontime. Sean Woodward is playing a blinder. He has managed to get the entire Questiontime audience to applaud his sentiments about what a lovely guy Gordon Brown is for writing a scrawled, unintelligible, mis-spelt letter to the mother of a dead soldier.

The do say that if you can fake sincerity then you have it made. Clearly Woodward is on form.

I thought the Sun were supporting the Conservatives. Since they decided to exploit the grief of this poor bereaved mother the following has happened:

1) We have learned that Gordon Brown writes personal letters to every family who have lost someone in the armed forces. Sounds good - and even better because we didn't know about it until now - so he wasn't doing it for effect.

2) When Brown was accused of insulting the mother, he picked up the phone and had a long conversation with her - again impressive.

3) We have had the inhuman form of Gordon Brown transformed in the minds of many to a warm, compassionate man with a slightly endearing ineptitude.

Nice one Sun.

Final point on Questiontime tonight - What is Pauline Neville-Jones doing on telly. Shouldn't she be running MI6 and briefing Bond on his latest assignment?


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