Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Why has Gordon Offered PR Referendum?

The contents of Gordon Brown's speech yesterday have been largely forgotten following the stunning announcement from the Sun last night.

But a question is niggling me.

Why did Gordon offer a referendum on changing the electoral system to some kind of proportional representation system?

Are the media talking about PR? No.

Are the electorate clammering for a referendum on PR? No.

Are the focus groups telling him that it's a vote winner? I very much doubt it.

So why?

The only reason I can think of is that it was a neccesary demonstration of commitment to the Lib Dems that in the event of a hung parliament they would form a govt with Labour and they would campaign for a change in the voting system - thus changing the political landscape in the UK forever.

But I wonder how far the Labour leadership would be prepared to go, to hold on to power? or at least some of it?

Mandleson looked shattered and reflective on Newsnight tonight. He looked like a man experiencing an implosion.

Is there a chance of a final throw of the dice - a pre-election Lib/Lab pact?

Some of those Lib Dems are desperate for Power.


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