Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gordy's Latest Dig for Victory

I just watched Andrew Marr interviewing Gordon Brown on AM - it was as excruciating as ever.

There were two interesting bits. Marr asked Brown if he was taking anti-depressants and Gordon briefly tried to imply that it was a rude and nasty question before avoiding answering it directly then went off into a rant about how he had nearly lost his eye-sight playing Rugby.

Actually it was mildly skilful of Brown really. He managed to make it sound like he had denied taking anti-depressants but by switching the subject immediately to his eye-sight he could later say that he meant he was taking not taking drugs for his eye-sight related problems - and hadn't actually lied about the drugs.

I thought it was interesting because it illustrated very clearly that he has something to hide about his mental state. The headline that I would write from it would be, 'Brown Evasive About Questions Regarding his Mental Health'.

The other thing was his announcement that he proposes to introduce a 'Business and Financial Services' Bill in the next Parliament - assuming he gets elected.

So, in other words he was clearly marking out part of his latest plan to beat the Conservatives at the next election.

Basically he is going to 'talk tough' about stopping Bankers from having big bonuses and will, no doubt, accuse the Tories as being in bed with the bankers and therefore unprepared to take action against them.

He will be saying to the electorate vote for me and I will make sure the nasty bankers don't get a chance to pay themselves vast sums of money any more, or vote Conservative and see the gravy train keep on rolling.

He mentioned the Conservative Inheritance Tax policy - which I read as an allusion towards Conservatives being all about keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor.

It's a plan but I don't think it has much chance of working - so long as the Conservatives see it coming and plan accordingly themselves and so long as a prominent Conservative doesn't start saying how they think that Bankers get paid reasonable amounts of money.

Gordon's credibility on financial issues is burn't. All the Conservatives need to say is something like, 'Gordon Brown has accused us of wanting to continue the hopeless regulatory system that he put in place that resulted in the collapse and nationalisation of British banks, and went a long way to help cause a financial meltdown and worldwide collapse of the banking system.... We can absolutely, sincerely assure the British people that the very last thing we will be doing is following Gordon Brown's plans in this area!'

That should kill it. And Gordon should do what anyone should do when they find themselves in hole.

Stop digging.


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