Monday, 15 June 2009

Osborne - Truth vs Lies

Great to see George Osborne here in the Times defining the argument between the Conservatives and Labour along the lines of honesty.

In my estimation he has it absolutely right when he makes the point that rather than arguing about Labour spending commitments vs Conservative cuts the higher ground is simply to state the case for Honesty vs Lies.

Almost everyone knows that unless there are massive increases in taxation, which would create a downward spiral, the only answer is to reign in spending as much as possible - eliminating waste and maximise value in the public sector.

And everyone knows that Labour has a legacy of lies.

Quote of the piece:

"Perhaps the most important lesson from around the world is that if you talk honestly to the public about the spending decisions that need to be taken, they will respect you and support you. It is time for the Conservatives to have that conversation with the British people."

Good call George.


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