Friday, 12 June 2009

And Now It's Time for Another Comeback.

Hazel Blears has got the birch twig out today and is offering herself up for a public flogging.

Some are saying this is a disasterous career move which eclipses her previous career ending resignation before the local elections last week..

But is it?

Seems like a smart move really. She is basically telling us all that she, not Gordon was responsible for the collapse of the Labour vote - a brilliant career move that may enable to make a Mandy like career comeback in the future.

And today the BBC are carrying a news story about Labour focusing on delivering on their vision - picking up on Tony Blair's pledge to eradicate child poverty in 20 years and proposing a new bill to achieve it.

There's some clever tactics going on here. Smells like a backroom deal to me.


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