Thursday, 18 June 2009

Gambling on Spin Again

PMQs yesterday was a truly appalling example of Labour spin in action.

The Labour government's pre-conceived mission was clearly to try and position the Conservatives as the party of cuts - 10% cuts!

They used every trick in the book - planted questions, constant repetition of '10%' and total avoidance when answering any question from David Cameron - just using every 'answer' as another opportunity to describe the Conservatives as being the party of cuts..

It was just sad to see Labour ministers sitting there nodding their heads furiously, like mindless nodding donkeys, to create an impression of agreement with the lies and nonsense that Gordy was pushing out. How pathetic that they are prepared to collude in such a debasing way.

Labour's gamble is that it doesn't matter that their own treasury figures illustrate that they plan to cut public spending. If they act in the ludicrous way they did today, by shamelessly, audaciously accusing the Conservatives of doing exactly what they themselves are in fact doing that evening new bulletins will show clips of Brown admonishing the Conservatives for being a party of cuts with MPs sitting behind him nodding furiously.

Their gamble is that the electorate are too stupid to see through the ruse and will just pick up the sound-bite and buy the intended impression that the terrible Conservatives just want to slash public spending...

Truth is that with a tax take of around £500 billion this year and an estimated borrowing of an unprecedented £200 billion this year (double any historic borrowing, ever!!) any government will have to cut future spending - or face bankrupting the country. But Gordon is going to rack up as much debt as the markets will give him for as long as he can to try and create a false impression of 'green-shoots' in a desperate attempt to make the Labour party electable again. In the process he will mortgage our kids futures.

So don't bet on Red. Bet on those who want to put us back in the black as soon as possible.


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