Monday, 26 January 2009

The Rock - The End of an Empire

Had an excellent weekend in Gibraltar staying in the Rock Hotel - an art-deco/colonial place that has seen better days but still retains some of it's splendour. The only place to stay in Gib.

There's a signed photo of Neil and Christine Hamilton in the bar - but don't hold that against them.

Gibraltar was settled by the English in 1704 and was defended against repeated attacks by the Spanish by digging tunnels into the rock itself and mounting cannon in the tunnels with holes (embrasures) pointing out towards Spain. 

Today it looks a bit like early Eighties Britain - almost every building could do with a decent lick of paint and it looks a bit run-down. But, it has a considerable charm and I bet it's even better when its a bit warmer.

The highlights included:

St Michael's Cave, a cavernous cathedral like space inside the Rock full of stalegtites and stalegmites - looks like a Harry Potter movie set.

The Siege Tunnels - Tunnels cut into the rock by British soldiers in the 1700's.

and of course....

The Monkeys:


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