Saturday, 17 January 2009

An Evening with Michael Gove

Spent the evening at Curzon House last night. Bob Longman looked a bit sheepish when he saw me after I walked out of the meeting on Wednesday.

Michael Gove spent half an hour or so giving us an update on things - bit of a party political broadcast really. It lacked his human touch but got the impression that he has mastered the education brief - seemed very competent talking about education. He explained that with very limited resources he has to carefully pick the issues that he takes the govt to task on.

I brought up the subject of soldiers using non standard kit not getting compensated if injured. Michael said he would take it up with Liam Fox. 

I took the micky a bit by referring to an email I sent to him in the Summer saying how I thought Gordon Brown could easily acheive a resurgence and that complacency was a peril. Obviously my prediction turned out to be correct - so I said I told you so! - oops think it pissed him off a bit..


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